The Original Cakerie takes numerous measures to minimize the environmental impact of our baking operations and reduce our waste as a company. We incorporate the principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle into all of our operational processes and decisions.


  • Any waste produced at our facilities is treated with earth-friendly (non-chemical) agents to minimize the environmental impact.
  • We use our own water treatment plant to keep waste water out of our community sanitation system.
  • Our facilities’ lighting technology utilizes lower electricity-consuming fixtures.
  • The Original Cakerie has transformed several processes or assets within our business to be done without paper including Kosher certificates, purchase orders, invoicing to purchasing, new product design and sample requests.
  • For any business activities that require printing, our corporate offices have committed to printing documents double-sided in order to reduce the overall amount of paper used.
  • The Original Cakerie sources ingredients such as cream cheese, flour and cocoa, locally - typically within 500km of our facilities - in order to minimize our environmental impact from a fuel emissions standpoint.
  • With the addition of our newest facility in London, Ontario, The Original Cakerie has significantly decreased the need to ship products across the country. Whenever shipping is still necessary, if possible, we utilize locomotive rail, a more greenhouse emission-friendly freight method.
  • We keep production to a minimum during new product trials, reducing the overall usage of materials.


  • The Original Cakerie reuses our baking foil at least once for every product we manufacture.
  • We utilize the heat generated by our ovens to warm our plants. Additionally, the heat from our refrigeration units is used to keep our entrance area warm.


  • All of our packaging components are made with recycled paper and are 100% recyclable.
  • The Original Cakerie works with local farmers to recycle our food waste for animal feeding.
  • When our cakes don’t pass our high visual standards, they are reworked into other products whenever possible.
  • Leftover ingredients from product samples runs are donated to be used by inner city schools.
  • Pallet Program
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