College & University Foodservice

Keep your students and staff happy with The Original Cakerie’s premium desserts. Here are a few recommendations on how The Original Cakerie’s products can add value to your Foodservice operation and benefit your bottom line: 

  • Single-Layer and Two-Layer Cakes are great lunchtime cafeteria dessert offerings – not too big and not too small featuring the premium ingredients The Original Cakerie is known for.
  • Utilize smaller cuts of 2- and 3- layer cakes to create trendy mini desserts that will catch students’ eyes.
  • If your dining hall has steam tables for warm dishes, try our Warm & Serve products. Simply cut a cake to the size of the chafer, drop it in and cut or scoop to order for a hot and delicious dessert.
  • Even if you use an on-campus bake shop for your desert needs, The Original Cakerie can help! Our Three Layer cakes are ready to go and easy to portion for large catered events. And our Bars and Brownies make an excellent supplement to your display case offerings so your bakers can focus on their core baked products.
  • Plus, The Original Cakerie products are delivered frozen and are simple to thaw and serve – great to have on-hand when a baker calls in sick.
  • Put Bars, Brownies or The Original Cakerie’s Inspired By Happiness line of individually wrapped products at the register to help drive impulse purchases.
  • Take advantage of The Original Cakerie’s Inspired By Happiness line of individually wrapped Gluten Free products that come ready-to-sell in a merchandiser box at campus Markets and Retail operations.
  • Try offering smaller-cut Brownies at Coffee Cafés. Students look for these on-trend bites of sweetness to accompany their coffee on study breaks. Similarly, expand your breakfast offerings by selling our Pecan Caramel Streusel as a portable breakfast option that goes great with morning coffee.
  • For catered events, Three Layer Cakes like Strawberry Shortcake and Tuxedo Truffle Mousse add a layer of delicious elegance to events of all size and scale – perfect for impressing University officials.
  • Portion and wrap individual Triple Chocolate Chunk Brownies from The Original Cakerie as part of Student Care packages. The homemade quality will remind students of home!
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