Hotel/Lodging Foodservice

The Original Cakerie is here to help create a memorable experience for your guests at Hotel and Lodging operations of every scale. Here are a few recommendations on how The Original Cakerie’s products can add value to your Foodservice operation and benefit your bottom line:

  • Three Layer cakes from The Original Cakerie are as delicious as they are beautiful. Offer Tuxedo Truffle Mousse as a high-end option at your upscale restaurant or cut mini portions for an elegant weekend brunch dessert station.
  • Business travelers often demand a grab-and-go breakfast option. Have fruit-forward Bars such as Tripleberry Crumble or The Original Cakerie’s Inspired By Happiness line of individually wrapped products available to these road warriors for a quick and delicious morning option.
  • Catered events, meetings and conferences of every scale and scope are a breeze with The Original Cakerie’s frozen sheetcakes. Easily control portion size, cost and profits.
  • If your operation has a Market, Gift Shop or Retail operation, take advantage of The Original Cakerie’s Inspired By Happiness line of individually wrapped Gluten Free products that come ready-to-sell in a merchandiser box.
  • Try offering smaller-cut Brownies in your lobby Coffee Café. Guests look for these on-trend bites of sweetness to accompany their coffee. Similarly, expand your breakfast offerings by selling our Pecan Caramel Streusel or fruit-forward bars as a portable breakfast option that goes great with morning coffee.
  • Nothing says “vacation” like offering your guests a decadent dessert like a warmed Triple Chocolate Chunk Brownie with a scoop of ice cream and a drizzle of warm caramel. Be sure to add this indulgence to your resort’s foodservice program.
  • All of The Original cakerie’s products are delivered frozen for a long shelf life and the sheetcake format allows for ultimate storage efficiency – perfect for the limited space on a cruise.
  • The Original Cakerie’s homemade quality cakes give visitors a sweet taste of home. Offer Two Layer Cakes on your in-room service menu for a dessert that’s easy to tray, easy to deliver and satisfies guests.
  • Try giving away a small treat, such as a warmed Pecan Caramel Brownie, at check-in to make a big impact with guests.
  • Add a sweet element to your manager’s happy hour. Place The Original Cakerie’s Warm & Serve products into a chafing dish and allow your guests cut or scoop their own delicious dessert.
  • The Original Cakerie’s Inspired By Happiness line of individually wrapped products are a tantalizing addition to your in-room Honor Bar.
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