Restaurants/Commercial Foodservice

Set your operation apart from the rest with a signature dessert that’s profitable too with the help of The Original Cakerie. Here are a few recommendations on how The Original Cakerie’s products can add value to your Foodservice operation and benefit your bottom line:

Full-Service, Casual and Fine Dining Operations

  • Cut and plate 2- and 3-Layer Sheet Cakes into larger portions to create a sharable dessert. Be sure to add your signature garnish for a family-style showstopper.
  • The Original Cakerie’s warm Brownies topped with ice cream is ALWAYS a winner. Try a twist on this favorite with fruit-filled Bars like our Apple Crumble or Tripleberry Crumble.

  • Utilize smaller cuts of 2- and 3- layer cakes to create trendy mini desserts. Throw multiple desserts into the mix and give your patrons the fun option to create their own for a dessert flight. 
  • Catered events of every scale and scope are a breeze with The Original Cakerie’s frozen sheetcakes. Easily control portion size, cost and profits.

  • For brunches, use smaller cuts of Brownies and Bars to offer your patrons a variety of bite-sized desserts. Dress up your dessert station and minimize labor with personal portions of Super Size cakes.

  • Does your buffet utilize chafing dishes? If so, try our Warm & Serve products. Simply cut a cake to the size of the chafer, drop it in and allow your customers to cut or scoop their own dessert.

  • Cut Brownies or Cakes into a circle or irregular shape for an eye-catching masterpiece – You can fold any scrap pieces into vanilla ice cream for a unique and tasty accent.

  •  No matter what dessert you use, ALWAYS create a dessert tray. Consumers eat with their eyes – there’s no easier way to instantly increase check averages!

LSR, QSR and Fast Casual Operations

  • Display Bars and Brownies to drive impulse purchases at bakeries and coffee cafes with counter service.
  • Fruit-forward Bars or our Pecan Caramel Streusel make a great portable breakfast option for patrons who prefer to grab-and-go.

  • The Original Cakerie’s Inspired By Happiness line of individually wrapped products provide a sweet ending to QSR to-go value meals.

  • Offer customers to option to complete their meal by adding a Brownie or Single Layer Cake at a discount.

  •  Place the Inspired By Happiness merchandising box of individually wrapped desserts at the register for a quick and easy addition to orders.
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