Two Layer Cakes

An amazing homemade taste with an extra layer of high-quality decadence make these offerings a great way to turn your ordinary desserts into extraordinary ones. Excellent for making a splash with a number of B&I segments including cafeterias, senior living and more.

  • Boston Cream Cake

    White sponge cake separated by vanilla custard and topped with a decadent chocolate glaze and white chocolate drizzle.
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  • Vanilla Bean Dream Cake

    White sponge cake with a distinct vanilla flavour, filled with a creamy custard and artfully topped with a cream cheese icing and white chocolate drizzle.
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  • German Chocolate Cake

    Silky smooth custard filling sandwiched between two layers of dark, moist chocolate cake topped with coconut, pecans and a rich caramel drizzle.
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  • Deep Chocolate Cocoa Cake

    Designed for the dedicated chocolate lover, this darkchocolate-drenched cake is intensified with a rich chocolateglaze drizzled with fine milk chocolate.
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