Food Safety

The Original Cakerie’s extensive Quality Assurance program ensure that our finished food products are consistently safe and of the highest quality. QA covers all aspects of the following processes and procedures:

  • Handling of raw materials
  • Product formulations
  • Process controls
  • Product specifications
  • Regulatory guidelines
  • Analytical testing of raw materials and finished goods
  • Internal and external audits
  • Sensory organoleptic evaluation of finished goods

All of The Original Cakerie’s food safety standards and best practices revolve around our customers, culture, communication and collaboration and continued improvement:

Customers — The trust that our customers put in our products and The Original Cakerie brand is a fundamental mission of the company.

Culture — The Original Cakerie built its brand on quality, a standard that continues today, with ideals of quality, service, cleanliness and value. The Original Cakerie’s culture is consciously devoted to quality every day.

Communication and Collaboration — We work closely with our vendors to ensure that they operate on a similar platform as The Original Cakerie. Our HACCP, GMPs and BRC programs are all designed to encapsulate all aspects of food safety and are readily available to those with whom we work.

Continued Improvement — Continuous improvement involves work and dedication. The Original Cakerie continually challenges itself as an organization to have systems and technology in place driving innovation leadership. 

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