All of The Original Cakerie’s desserts are sold frozen, primarily in a versatile, cost-effective rectangular 12”x 16” format. This allows you the flexibility to achieve the desired retail price point by cutting the products into bar cakes, baby cakes or individual portions.

 The Original Cakerie’s products are either pre-cut or uncut and are designed to be cut frozen. For best results, The Original Cakerie recommends cutting the product frozen and then placing the remaining cake back in the freezer. For optimum freshness, return the unneeded frozen product to the freezer immediately.

 For easier cutting, The Original Cakerie recommends allowing the product to temper for 10-15 minutes before cutting. You can find a handy cutting guide printed on product cases.

Shelf Life

All of The Original Cakerie’s products have a homemade taste and are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients such as real eggs, fresh cream, fruit and other natural ingredients and flavors that require attention to shelf life.

In general, The Original Cakerie’s products will last 9-12 months frozen. Refrigerated, it’s recommended to serve product in 3-5 days. See individual product information for specific shelf life and handling recommendations.

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