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Exciting specials and highlighted items from The Original Cakerie.
  • Super Size Lemons & Cream Shortcake

    Three scrumptious layers of exquisitely moist shortcake decorated with our own dairy-fresh whipped cream and tangy lemon preserve.
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  • Super Size Oranges and Cream Shortcake

    Three layers of moist shortcake cradled on a bed of dairy-fresh whipped cream and our own special orange preserve. Finished with naturally-coloured orange whipped cream, along with drizzles of white and yellow icing.
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  • Lemonburst Macaroon Bar

    Chock-full of wholesome ingredients including oatmeal, all-natural lemon preserve and coconut. A healthy dose of bursting flavours in every bite!
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  • Peaches & Cream Shortcake

    Three layers of scrumptious white sponge cake layered with a fill chock full of peaches and smothered with real dairy-fresh cream that’s been whipped to perfection.
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  • Autumn Spice Layer Cake

    A silky mascarpone mousse between three layers of spice cake, sprinkled with large pecans, ontop of a deliciously crunchy pecan crust and covered with a spiced whipped cream and drizzles.
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  • Orange Citrus Cake

    Classic sponge cake bursting with radiant citrus flavours covered with a smooth cream cheese icing sun-kissed with orange zest and purée.
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